How to develop with Scribble

Developing with Scribble

Developing Scribble

Project Code

The source code for the Scribble project is located on github in the Scribble organisation.

The organisation is divided into a number of git repositories. The main repositories currently are:

Scribble Java

The repository is located here.

This repository contains the core java code for the Scribble parser, validation, projection and monitoring capabilities.

Scribble Web

The repository is located here.

This repository provides the web tooling. The server side capabilities are implemented in java, with the UI implemented using AngularJS/Bootstrap.

Contributing to the Project

The best way to initially contribute to the project is to try out the tools and provide feedback by creating issues for feature requests or problems found.

The next step could be to provide contributions for the issues listed against any of the git repositories. These can be contributed as pull requests, which can then be reviewed by the project developers.

Documentation for the older version of the tools can be found here.

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