Getting Started

How to get started with Scribble

Getting Started with Scribble.

module example;

type <xsd> "{}Greetings" from "" as Greetings;
type <xsd> "{}Compliments" from "" as Compliments;
type <xsd> "{}Salutations" from "" as Salutations;

global protocol HelloWorld(role Me, role World) {
	hello(Greetings) from Me to World;
	choice at World {
		goodMorning(Compliments) from World to Me;
	} or {
		goodAfternoon(Salutations) from World to Me;

A very simply example, but this illustrates the basic syntax for a hello world interaction, where a party performing the role Me sends a message of type Greetings to another party performing the role 'World', who subsequently makes a decision which determines which path of the choice will be followed, resulting in a goodMorning or goodAfternoon message being exchanged.

Working on Scribble source

If you are interested in building Scribble from source, then check out Development resources

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