Downloads for Scribble

Web Browser based Tooling

Download the latest version of the Web tooling from the Scribble Web releases page.

Old Tooling

See the User Guide for information on how to use the tools within Eclipse or via the command line.

Command Line

The command line tools can be downloaded from here.


The Java tools are provided as a set of plugins within the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment), or a command line distribution. To install the tools into Eclipse:

  • Download Eclipse (see button on the right)

  • When Eclipse has been launched, go to the Help→ Install New Software…​ menu item. This will show a dialog window.

  • Enter the URL into the Work With field and press the return key.

  • Select the Scribble top level node and press the Next button.

  • Follow the instructions and restart the Eclipse tooling when requested.

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